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Using PHP121 couldn't be easier - simply click below to download and install. Whatever operating system you have, PHP121 allows you to talk to your friends and contacts online with instant messaging. This can be extremely useful for both social and business purposes.

You can even download a variety of emoticons to further enhance this messaging programme! PHP121 is the quickest way to talk with other people about absolutely anything. Click below to download PHP121, and start instant messaging today!

Note: Text files in these releases are in UNIX format. If you have problems with reading these files in notepad (ie. no line breaks), then open them in WORDPAD but remember to save as text format

Releases (requires login - buy PHP121 below ):

Description Version Filename Size Hits

PHP121 ( TAR.GZ ) 3.1.4 php121-3.1.4.tar.gz 530 KB 2224
PHP121 ( ZIP ) 3.1.4 720 KB 2230
Manual (PDF) 3.1.3 php121manual313.pdf 193 KB 3107
Release Notes   README.txt   2945
Change Log   CHANGES.txt   2949

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Emoticons (PHP121 version 1.2 or higher):

Description Example Filename Size Hits

Kaos Smilies - Cactus  ( TAR.GZ ) Kaos Cactus Example  View more kaos_cactus.tar.gz 32 KB 2822
Kaos Smilies - Chi  ( TAR.GZ ) Kaos Chi Example  View more kaos_chi.tar.gz 150 KB 2807
Kaos Smilies - KMS  ( TAR.GZ ) Kaos KMS Example  View more kaos_kms.tar.gz 89 KB 2841
Kaos Smilies - Mamies  ( TAR.GZ ) Kaos Mamies Example  View more kaos_mamies.tar.gz 16 KB 2804
Kaos Smilies - OTN  ( TAR.GZ ) Kaos OTN Example  View more kaosotn.tar.gz 290 KB 2811
PHP121 Smilies - Misc1  ( TAR.GZ ) PHP121 Misc1 Example  View more php121misc1.tar.gz 79 KB 2794


Language Packs (PHP121 version 1.4 or higher):

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Description Download Authors

PHP121 Version: 3.1
.tar.gz .zip Paul Synnott
PHP121 Version: 3.0
.tar.gz .zip Alberto R. Castro & Pilar Martin & Max Verzele


Server requirements:

  • Host with Apache web server installed
  • Host with PHP scripting support installed
  • Host with MySQL installed

Client requirements:

  • Popups enabled
  • JavaScript enabled

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