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What is PHP121 Instant Messenger (PHP121)?

PHP121 is a web based instant messenger - written entirely in PHP. This means that it will work in any browser on any operating system including Windows and Linux, anywhere!

If traditional messaging programs like MSN Messenger or Yahoo! Messenger are blocked at your school or workplace, PHP121 will still work.

PHP121 is ideal for community websites where a quick and easy way to chat is needed among its members.  By changing one setting in the configuration file, PHP121 can be easily integrated into other systems such as PHPNuke and phpBB. More integrations will be available in the future.


PHP121 looks similar to traditional client based instant messengers like MSN Messenger or Yahoo! Messenger.

You can see screenshots of the standalone PHP121 in action on the screenshots page.

Live Demo

Try the live demo right here! Just make sure you have JavaScript turned on, and are allowing popups from this site.  There are several demos available, including the standalone version and the PHPBB integrated version.

PHP121 Forums

To discuss PHP121 or ask for help with installing or integrating it into your website, go to the PHP121 forums.

Be a part of the PHP121 community

PHP121 is a small project but a powerful application. We need your help to spread the word! Go to the link exchange page to allow us to put a link on your page, and in return we will place a link and banner on our links page.

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